The Exploration of Space and the Birth of Technology

This film is an engineering story that takes the audience on an incredible journey from the far reaches of the universe to our planet, illustrating that many of the devices we use in our daily lives are a result of space technology and the birth of technology-driven by human intelligence. It narrates the story of how human eyes perceive objects through signals, leading to curiosity and exploration of various objects, which ultimately resulted in the development of space technology, including the launch of satellites, telescopes, and rockets into space, and underscores the benefits brought to our present day by the vehicles produced through space technology and the ongoing work in space research. It is stated that technologies such as pacemakers, cold laser technology, and many electronic devices have entered our lives through space exploration and that continued space research has enabled the development of many other technologies.

Movie: :
  The Exploration of Space and the Birth of Technology
  25 Minutes
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