The use of technology and innovation to offer beneficial models makes it possible for our civilization to transcend time. The journey of invention by humanity has not ceased since the discovery of the wheel. To overcome challenges, humans began inventing new tools and complex devices. These complex devices evolved from automatic mechanisms to primitive robots after the invention of electricity and the Industrial Revolution, and with the transition to the age of microchips and computers, they advanced to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These complex designs, which are on the path to not only assisting but also thinking and behaving like humans, will rapidly propel humanity toward the future they envision.

Visitors start with an understanding of the logic behind how robots work, explore the exhibition showcasing the development of robots from the past to the present, and engage in interactive experiences with robots of different types and their abilities. Visitors will gain insights into the progress made in domestic robotics in our country and have an idea about the future of robotics in Turkiye.

Suitable for ages 10 and above.