Historically, automobiles that emerged out of necessity and were considered a luxury have evolved with advancing technology to offer innovations that enhance the quality of life and convenience, going beyond mere necessity. Engineering designs discovered and developed with different requirements in various civilizations from different geographies have been brought together for specific purposes and, when scaled up, prototypes of many complex machines, including the first primitive automobiles, have been made available for human use. After the Industrial Revolution, while speed and power took the forefront in the historical development of automobiles, over time, the focus shifted towards safety and energy. Thanks to solutions that prioritize making more efficient use of time for individuals, the era of autonomous cars has begun.

This exhibition takes visitors on an interactive journey starting from the components of a classic car, leading to electric cars, and onward to the autonomous vehicles of the near future. It also examines the transformation of Islamic Golden Age discoveries into modern automotive technologies through 3D models and presents what the automotive industry's energy efficiency policies can offer to humanity.

Suitable for ages 10 and above.